A family history, passion and work dedication

The Romani family, originally from the Parma area, starts its business at the beginning of the century and manage to expand till the coasts of the Po river, refining the agriculture and farming techniques handed down from father to son over the years.

The Levante farm story starts back in the beginning of the 60s, when, founded by Francesco slowly grew till the current area of 300 hectares of cultivated owned lands.

With the passing of time and with the progress advent, the Romani’s family has been able to adapt their means considerably improving the technical aspects, introducing modern methods to get the best from their fields, always respecting tradition.

A typical and traditional location

Today, the Levante Dairy Farm belongs to the Romani brothers: Roberto and Paolo. It is located at the north part of the po river, in the middle of the Padana quiet plane, just ten minutes from Mantua city and close to a small ancient town called Boccadiganda (in the Borgoforte district).

The land growing and the milk production, main activities of the Levante Dairy Farm, in the course of time let arise new needs in order to answer to the always biggest market developments.
In the 2000 the Romani family dediced to step inside the cheese making adventure opening the Dairy House in order to make their cheese respecting the traditional and handmade techniques of the Master cheese maker. From now all takes place inside the Farm: a very short production - chain totally under control in order to avoid any external interference (directly from the producer to the consumer).

High quality and prompt service to the consumer in order to assure the best always.

The love for their land and the care of their cattle, combined with an innate spirit of sacrifice and a great passion for their job, made of the Romani family one of the most promising families among all the Italian cheese producers.
The aims must be achieved in order to realize a product: the Mantuanella Cheese which totally satisfy the request of who lovers the true and genuine quality at "zero" kilometers.