How a Mantuanella gets born

The best cheese doesn't come from the best milk.
The best cheese comes from the best feed.

For this reason we choose from the very beginning to be a close circle production system. We produce in our farms the fodder for our cows, so we have complete control over the whole production chain.

We care about our heard.
From the birth of the cows.

We don't buy cows from other farms since we want to ensure our cows the best genes possible. After dozens of generations, we manage to select the best cows in order to obtain a unique and strong breed.

Happy cows.
Good milk.

We milk our cows twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon. In this way we avoid the stress of a single long milking and we also obtain a better milk.

Got the milk,
is cheese time.

After our milk passes our strict checks, it arrives in the production plants in less than 300 meters. We really are champions in short chain.

Our cheese takes shape.
A Mantuanella is about to get born.

The shaping of the cheese is the first step. The Mantuanella startes to become the great cheese we know.

We track every cheese.
Because safety is our strongest value.

In our modern production plant, all the production is tracked so we know the story of any of our cheeses. We adopt all the strictest parameters to provide a safe cheese everyday.

Ready for the big nap.
Get comfy.

The brining and drying process is undoubtedly the most delicate one. Everything must work perfectly to allow our cheese such a good sleep.

The art of waiting.
Because good things take their time.

Now everything's ready for the big nap. With the use of modern technologies we ensure the precise control over temperature and humidity of our aging rooms.