You define butter the product with a milk-fat content of 82%, but less than 90% and a maximum water content of 16% and a maximum dry non-fat 2% (as reported in reg. EEC nr. 1234/2007, appendix to annex XV).
You can find it in sizes of 250 g and 1000 g.

The product has a straw colour, clear, regular appearance. The smell and taste are pleasant, typical of the product in the complete absence of known abnormal or foreign. The consistency is typically spread.

In the warehouse at the temperature 0°C / +4°C

consumer product not intended for special categories of consumers.

The second method HACCP and specification for the Product under the control of the Veterinary Asl of Mantova and the Third.

Nutritional infos Per 100g
Energy kcal 751
Proteins g 0.6
Fats g 83
of which saturates g 59




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